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Raid 10/09/08 BT/Hyjal
Oct 9, 08 10:30 PM

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Welcome to the home page of Weak Sauce, a Horde raiding guild on The Forgotten Coast server.  Ventrilo:

We are new guild formed in January 2008 and are currently filling our ranks for our second and third Kara teams.

Weak Sauce Objectives


- To champion a positive/constructive environment in which there is respect between all members.

- Openly communicate guild and raiding strategies so prospective members know what they are getting into before they step through the door.

- Most importantly to have fun!! Why else do we play WoW?

Interested in becomming a member of Weak Sauce???

Please read the Guild Charter and Raid Rules to make sure you agree with them before asking for a /ginvite (you do NOT need to sign in to view the charter). Then message a guild officer in game if interested in becoming a member.

Guild Masters: Rolf/Executus/Saga or Waylay/Iamtank/Gankitha

How do I gain access to

If you are not an existing member of another, you need to select the (New User) link at the top of the screen.

If you already have or have just created a account, sign in and select the "Join" link at the top of the screen.

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Raid 10/09/08 BT/Hyjal
By 539750581_Inactive, Oct 9, 08 10:30 PM

BT/Hyjal 10/09/08

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